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Adopt Miracle today!
Miracle: neutered male has all updated shots.


Adopt Miracle today!
Miracle: neutered male has all updated shots.

This is Miracle and here is his story:

At first, we thought he was a feral cat living in my office park (in NJ) for who knows how long until we found him.  Now, we know he was an formerly owned kitty and was probably dumped here.  My awesome co-workers were trying to trap him for weeks after we first saw him looking sick and ragged. Last Thursday, after no luck trapping him again that day, I went to put more food out for him for the night and he was there eating!

Of course, I startled him and he ran away….no surprise right?  But wait… he stopped and looked at me so I tried to call him over. At first, he just watched me…But after only a minute or two, he started crying to me.  He wanted to trust me so bad.  It was only a few more minutes before I was able to pick him up and he was purring away.  Miracle is now safe & warm and being boarded at the Vet’s office because LRKC has no place for him to go.  We do not want to put him back outside but can only afford to pay for boarding for so long.

Would you be willing to foster or adopt Miracle?  If so, it will be his true miracle.

He is such a sweet boy.  Already neutered and been updated on his shots.  I can’t wait to see him again to get a happy pic of him.  Miracle is in NJ but we can transport him to a loving home that finally wants to keep him!  Thank you for helping and please share!

– Laura <3

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