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Jenny's Foster Corner

Jenny was a foster of Rescue Kitty (formerly Laura’s Rescued Kitty Cats) who lost her battle to cancer at only 32 after years of battling. She fostered cats for Rescue Kitty even as she was going through chemo treatments. A memorial fund was set up so that we could honor her passion and selflessness by helping strays and ferals, especially those left in the cold. I miss her so much and I hope she can see how much good her fund has done that she knows she is not forgotten.  Jenny was not only a great foster for Rescue Kitty but was also my cousin.

What Does it Mean to Foster a Pet?

There are more animals in need of homes than there are shelters to manage them. While animal shelters are a wonderful help to homeless pets, they are no substitute for a warm, loving home, even if that home is only temporary. Fostering gives personal love and care to pets who aren’t yet ready for full adoption, or who have other temporary needs. Animal lovers foster pets for short periods of time or extended stays. They can give a little or a lot. And foster pets can include new mothers, kittens and puppies, or animals recovering from illness or injury. Learn more …

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