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Our adoption process is not super complicated but it is very important! We take the process of finding great forever homes for our kitties very seriously. Below is an overview of the process once you have found the kitty of your dreams!

Apply to Adopt

Once you find the kitty for you, fill out our Adoption Application. It's a short application that can be done from any device. Answer as honestly and completely as possible. This step matters!

Application Review

Our adoption coordination volunteers will review your app to make sure it's a good fit for you and for the kitty. During this time we can schedule a meet and greet with the foster so you can be sure it's a good fit.


Once approved, you will be able to meet the kitty and schedule a take home date. In most cases our kittens are spayed/neutered and vaccinated before being able to go to their forever home. We will send you an adoption contract to sign that goes over what to expect with your new pet and affirms your commitment to caring for them for their entire life!

Application FAQ

Rescue Kitty is a foster-based organization. Because we are not a shelter with a single location, our kitties are all over South Jersey with their fosters at their homes. The application helps us with your contact information for the foster as well as to see right away if the fit might not be right so that we don’t waste your time or the foster’s time.

That’s ok! Everyone has their first kitty sometime! You can say you don’t have a Vet on the application and we will instead rely on your references and the other information on your application.

The length of the application review can vary. Generally we try to get back to you in a day or two at least with initial questions. However, because we have limited volunteer help and a lot of applications, sometimes it can take longer. You can definitely follow up, and also letting your references know to expect calls and pick up the phone can help reduce the time for an answer on your application!

That’s not a problem at all! Just please let us know if you are considering other kitties on the application (there’s a question for it), and especially if you decide to adopt elsewhere, please let us know right away so that we can focus on other efforts in our rescue.

We do try to adopt our young kittens in pairs if you do not already have a young cat at home. We often find adopters of single kitties come back a year later looking for another kitty to keep their lonely cat company. However, we do find homes for single kitties, especially when they become a little bit older than young kitten. This is why the adoption application is so valuable, to tell us about your situation. If you have a doggy at home, for instance, we might have some kitties that are fine being the only cat and love dogs!

Our fees vary based on the kitty and situation. You can generally find the fee on the animal’s bio on our Petfinder site, and if not the adoption coordinator will let you know when you inquire about the kitty. The adoption donation is tax deductible and covers only a part of the spay/neuter, vaccinations, testing and microchip for the kitty, but we do need to charge it to keep the rescue going. Adoption fees are reduced when you adopt more than one kitty at a time!

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